Wood Floors Melbourne FL - How to Choose

More than just a Color

When you google “hardwood floors Melbourne Fl” you are going to see a wide variety of choices to pick from.  Although when searching online most people know they want a wood floor of some kind, they are often unsure of much else with the exception of knowing the color they would like.

When the time does come to pick out new flooring for your home, there is much more to consider than just colors and grain.  Read on to learn what you should know before you purchase flooring.


Southern Interior Design

Given that we are from Florida, it’s important to keep in mind some interior design basics as well as some practical considerations. As we mentioned before, when shopping for wood floors many people have a color in mind that will match their design aesthetic, which is great! Color or wood type is an incredibly important factor to consider since this investment will be in your home for years to come.

Coastal and Beach Style

One of the best parts of living on the space coast is the coastal lifestyle.  With so many beautiful homes on the Indian River and beachside, many people want to keep the coastal feel going when they enter their home.  Our Coaste line was specifically created to cater to this need, and help home owners achieve a timeless coastal throughout their home.  When you are trying to achieve a more coastal feel, wider planks and a subtle, weathered look is key.  Although many associate a coastal feel with lighter colors, you can achieve a cohesive look with darker colors as well, such as our own coaste 150.

Permanent Fixtures Colors and Style

Often times when a client is replacing their flooring, they may be doing more in depth renovations such as new kitchen cabinets and trim.  If this is the case, it is relatively easy to plan the flooring portion of the project, because you are working with a clean slate.  If you are not completing further renovations, make sure to take into consideration more permanent components of your home such as cabinets, bathroom vanities, and built in wall pieces.  You want you flooring to coordinate and compliment existing fixtures you plan to keep for the foreseeable future.

Wood Floors Melbourne FL

Southern Hardwood Floors

When people are considering southern hardwood floors for their home, they often do not consider the practical side of picking the right product. There is a huge difference between a hardwood floor, engineered flooring, and other styles of flooring such as laminate. Because we live in the south, we recommend you choose an engineered floor such as our planke or coaste lines.  You can see more examples of our projects by following us on social media.

Why Engineered Flooring in Florida

There are several reasons why engineered flooring is the right choice for a tropical climate, but the most important is humidity.  Living in florida means we are surrounded by water and moisture all year long.  Traditional hardwood floors are very susceptible to warping over time due to the sometimes drastic changes in humidity.  Wood naturally expands and contracts, and over they years this can cause serious problems for your floor.  Using an engineered flooring helps reduce the chances of this occurring, without sacrificing the look and feel of solid hardwood.

Durability and Wear

Engineered flooring is also more durable over time.  When you live on the coast, sand is often brought into the home by friends and family, and that can be very damaging to hardwood.  Although it’s best to lave the sand outside, engineered flooring will give you more durability and show less wear over time.  Because choosing new floors can be a once in a lifetime investment for your property, taking the time to select a durable option that will not warp over time is incredibly important to save yourself expenses in the future.  You have to keep durability in mind when you are searching online for “Wood Floors Melbourne FL”


Designed for Coastal Communities

Our coast line was created to specifically serve customers who live in southern, coastal communities (although it looks great in other applications as well). We have carefully crafted each wide plank board to have the perfect aesthetics and durability you would expect from Sawyer & Southern.

Contact us today to learn where you can find our coaste line in your community to see if it the right fit for you and your home.

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